Write a visual analysis of a ceramic vessel or sculpture using the four basic art criticism steps of an "aesthetic scan."

Perform a Google Image Search for works by one of the following artists, or visit http://bv-ceramics.wikispaces.com/Influential+Ceramic+Artists+%26+Potters
and follow the links below to an example. Right click to save a copy of the image to your desktop, then insert that image onto your first page. Resize it so that it doesn't take up more than a few inches of page space. Use the template or example to help you answer questions about the work you select to analyze. You don't have to answer each and every question, but do write at least a paragraph about each topic heading. Be sure to follow the MLA style & use http://www.easybib.com to create a works-cited list at the end. Please be sure to write your answers in such a way that the reader doesn't need to see the original question.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to use the template 1) Be sure to "save as" before beginning your work, so that the original template remains for others to use too. 2) Please leave the bold section headings. 3) Be sure to delete any highlighted sections and replace or delete the original questions. Thank You

Dominant Modern Potters
Bernard Howell Leach
Shoji Hamada
Jun Kaneko
Robert Archambeau
Eva Zeisel
Peter Voulkos

Contemporary Ceramicists
Allan Rosenbaum
Bryan Hiveley
David Furman
Deiddre McLoughlin
Gene Pearson
Janis Mars Wunderlich
Margaret Dodd
Robert Arneson
Cristina Córdova
Peter Holland