Heather Gaul.jpg

1. Begin with a slab about 5in x 7in (maybe 1/2 thick)egg-shape with a pencil or paperclip
2. Trace an egg-shape with a pencil or paperclip
3. Cut around the tracing with a palette knife or ceramic carving tool
4. Use wads of scrap paper underneath, to drape it over, so that it will be a convex mask
5. Estimate half way between the top of the forehead and the bottom of the chin, use your thumbs to press in eye-sockets.
6. Add additional clay to make parts of your hand thicker or thinner as needed (especially for the nose)
7. Make sure to sculpt your face so that it is realistically proportioned, don't leave it a cookie-cut-out flat cartoon smiley-face.

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