1. Begin with a slab about 4in x 6in (maybe 1/2 thick)
2. Trace your hand with a pencil or paperclip
3. Cut around the tracing with a palette knife or ceramic carving tool
4. Add additional clay to make parts of your hand thicker or thinner as needed
5. Make sure to sculpt your hand so that it is realistically proportioned, don't leave it a cookie-cut-out flat hand.
6. "Pose" it to be able to be free-standing and in-the-round, but no obscene gestures or gang signs, please.
7. Be careful that it it hollow where it becomes too thick to fire, and also be aware that since fingers have more exposed surface area, they will dry faster than the palm- keep it loosely covered with a plastic bag and check it daily to guarantee structural integrity.

Aleigh and Pat Hands.JPG2012 WVC Art Show 014.jpgGeoScapes 013.JPG

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